American Flags

SizeMaterialRetailSaleSuper Duty Upgrade*
2′ x 3′Nylon$23.00$19.00+$16.00
3′ x 5′Nylon$39.00$29.00+$20.00
3′ x 5′Poly-Max$59.00$36.00+$20.00
4′ x 6′Nylon$47.00$37.00+$22.00
4′ x 6′Poly-Max$69.00$48.00+$22.00
5′ x 8′Nylon$74.00$55.00+$25.00
5′ x 8′Poly-Max$99.00$72.00+$25.00
6′ x 10′Nylon$104.00$77.00+$32.00
6′ x 10′Poly-Max$136.00$103.00+$32.00
8′ x 12′Nylon$193.00$141.00+$40.00
8′ x 12′Poly-Max$233.00$173.00+$40.00
10′ x 15′Nylon$282.00$211.00+$60.00
10′ x 15′Poly-Max$342.00$256.00+$60.00
12′ x 18′Nylon$377.00$282.00+$68.00
12′ x 18′Poly-Max$445.00$347.00+$68.00
15′ x 25′Nylon$650.00$457.00+$80.00
15′ x 25′Poly-Max$730.00$659.00+$80.00
20′ x 30′Nylon$910.00$5861.00+$100.00
20′ x 30′Poly-Max$1,01000$929.00+$100.00

Additional sizes available. Call for pricing. All prices subject to change without notice.

*Super Duty Upgrade: Additional four rows of vertical zig-zag stitching on fly end PLUS corner patches also with zig-zag stitching. Can be added to any flag EXCEPT the collegiate flags.

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Nebraska & Iowa State Flags

SizeMaterialRetailSaleSuper Duty Upgrade
2′ x 3′Nylon$27.00$27.00+$16.00
3′ x 5′Nylon$37.00$30.00+$20.00
4′ x 6′Nylon$63.00$52.00+$22.00
5′ x 8′Nylon$89.00$74.00+$25.00
6′ x 10′Nylon$171.00$116.00+$32.00
8′ x 12′Nylon$260.00$234.00+$215.00

Military & Civilian Service Flags

FlagSizeMateiralRetailSuper Duty Upgrade
Army & Coast Guard2′ x 3′Nylon$23.00+$16.00
 3′ x 5′Nylon$25.00+$20.00
 4′ x 6′Nylon$47.00+$22.00
 5′ x 8′Nylon$66.00+$25.00
 6′ x 10′Nylon$161.00+$32.00
Air Force2′ x 3′Nylon$32.00+$16.00
 3′ x 5′Nylon$25.00+$20.00
 4′ x 6′Nylon$60.00+$22.00
 5′ x 8′Nylon$81.00+$25.00
 6′ x 10′Nylon$161.00+$32.00
Navy2′ x 3′Nylon$36.00+$16.00
 3′ x 5′Nylon$25.00+$20.00
 4′ x 6′Nylon$66.00+$22.00
 5′ x 8′Nylon$92.00+$25.00
 6′ x 10′Nylon$161.00+$32.00
Marine Corps2′ x 3′Nylon$29.00+$16.00
 3′ x 5′Nylon$25.00+$20.00
 4′ x 6′Nylon$56.00+$22.00
 5′ x 8′Nylon$76.00+$25.00
 6′ x 10′Nylon$161.00+$32.00
POW2′ x 3′Nylon$23.00+$16.00
 3′ x 5′Nylon$29.00+$20.00
 4′ x 6′Nylon$42.00+$22.00
 5′ x 8′Nylon$64.00+$25.00
 6′ x 10′Nylon$97.00+$32.00
Firegfighters & EMS3′ x 5′Nylon$35.00+$20.00

Collegiate Flags

Nebraska Huskers3′ x 5′Nylon$43.00
Nebraska Huskers4′ x 6′Nylon$72.00
Nebraska Huskers5′ x 8′Nylon$105.00
Nebraska Huskers6′ x 10′Nylon$143.00
Creighton Bluejays3′ x 5′Nylon$22.00
Creighton Bluejays4′ x 6′Nylon$47.00
Creighton Bluejays6′ x 10′Nylon$127.00

Celebration & Specialty Flags

FlagSizeMateiralRetailSuper Duty Upgrade
Pride (Rainbow)2′ x 3′Nylon$49.00+$16.00
Pride (Rainbow)3′ x 5′Nylon$61.00+$20.00
Pride (Rainbow)4′ x 6′Nylon$81.00+$22.00
Pride (Rainbow)5′ x 8′Nylon$150.00+$25.00
Pride (Rainbow)6′ x 10′Nylon$201.00+$32.00
Pink Ribbon2′ x 3′Nylon Printed Ribbon$57.00+$16.00
Pink Ribbon2′ x 3′Nylon Sewn Ribbon$86.00+$16.00
Pink Ribbon3′ x 5′Nylon Printed Ribbon$104.00+$20.00
Pink Ribbon3′ x 5′Nylon Sewn Ribbon$142.00+$20.00

A portion of each pink ribbon flag sale will be contributed to help the American Cancer Society®*.

*The American Cancer Society® does not endorse any product or service.